Short Stories and Novels – Peculiarities and Differences


I write both novels and short stories. When I began writing, I was intimidated by writing novels immediately, so I started with a short story. When I gained a bit more experience and confidence, I gradually and successfully transitioned to novels. Many people ask me what the main peculiarities and differences between the two—I enumerate […]

About Desert Guardian—The Best Book of Karen Duvall

I think the best book for you to read if you are relatively new to my work is “Desert Guardian.” So what is “Desert Guardian”? Early on in the story, my female protagonist, Kelly Bancroft, receives her brother’s suicide letter. She knows somehow that she has the star-worshipping cult to lay the blame. Kelly then […]

Biography of Karen Duvall – Life, Writing, and Creativity


I decided to write some short biographical information about myself, for those who are fans of work and for those who would like to get to know more about me before reading my novels. I must say, writing bios is challenging for me because I do not want to toot my own horn nor do […]

How to Write a Book – Karen Duvall Explains How She Started


When I started writing, it was not miraculous – I did not experience my fingers having a life of its own (unlike how other authors portray how writing a book is for them). Not only does it take heaps of creativeness and ingenuity, but it also merits discipline, practice, and hard work. I catalog below […]

Fiction Writers Support at RMFW or Where Everything Started


When I began as a fiction writer, I became a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers or RMFW, since I know the benefits of writing groups. To those who do not know the RMFW, it is an organization that is a non-profit and volunteer-run. RMWFW encourages, supports, and educates writers who want to be […]

How to Write: My Secrets Revealed and Explained


Many individuals voiced their requests to hear my writing secrets. Here is a couple in a nutshell for how to write better. The secrets are not exactly secrets, but simple suggestions that may seem blatantly obvious, but you will be astonished as to the number of writers that do not know them!